Workshop on Print Making For Professional Photographer

Photokipa 2012
April 13, 2012

Print Making for Professional Photographer, conducted for the first time in Nepal, was an exclusive program which talked about the techniques of how professional photographers print pictures and can preserve their high quality outcome. Photographers from different genres participated in the workshop. Workshop was designed by SCC in association with CANON.

Excelled with skills through his dedication and hard work MR. Aishu Mathema, a self taught photographer and graphic designer was the key person in the workshop who illustrated the techniques preserving high quality outcome. He is associated with SCC since its establishment.

Photography and Digital Imaging Expo

With the introduction of photography in the year 1850 A.D., Nepal has seen vigorous development with 1400 studios across the valley, 15 photography manufacturing firms, and 15 individual studios 100 of dealers and retailers and there are thousands of professionals working in the field of photography as photo journalist, photographers and freelancers.

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Workshop on Print Making For Professional Photographer
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