Who are we?

Prof.Dr.Kedar Bhakta Mathema

Mathema born in November 25, 1945, started his career from the educational sector as a Founder/Head teacher at Gyanodaya Adult High School, a non-profit making school. He served as a lecturer at Tri-Chandra College and College of Education; as a Head of Language Department at Institute of Education, Tribhuvan University and as Campus Chief, Central Campus of Tribhuvan University.

He also worked as Senior Program Officer of World Bank Resident Mission in Kathmandu (1975), as Vice-chancellor of Tribhuwan University (1991), Chairman of High level task force on issues related to youth (1996). He represented Nepal during 1996-2003 as Ambassador to Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Returning back to Nepal, he acted as a member of High Level Task Force to review Nepal’s foreign policy, and currently is involved in various organizations – Senate (Purbanchal University), Member of Senate (National Academy of Medical Science), Advisor (Maiti Nepal), Member of Governing Council (MadanPuraskarPustakalaya). GorkhaDakshinBahu (Second Class), Honorary Doctor of Letters (Soka University, Japan), Hem BahadurMalla Award (Public Administration Association of Nepal, 2004), are some of the recognitions he is conferred with. He is the patron of School of Creative Communications (SCC).

Rabindra Puri

Puri was intensely interested in art and architecture from childhood. His ambition and hard work helped him to complete four bachelor degrees in Law, Fine Arts, History, and Management. Even further Puri went to Germany to do further study in sculpture in 1993. After completing a semester, he decided to do a Master’s Degree in Development Policy, and he did.

Later he got an opportunity to work in the restoration of Patan Museum where he began his career in restoration. His first work became talk of the town and even Bhaktapur Municipality declared it the “Model House.” In 2004 Puri was awarded with the Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Award.

Puri started to restore old houses and build in traditional style. After completing more than 30 projects, he now has dreams, one of which is “in 20 years, to see Panauti as a town with only traditional architecture.” In Panauti, Puri has already restored three houses and the community has also restored three with his support which is very motivating.

Ashok Man Singh

His paintings appeal to three generations, but his blend of colors and finished strokes and constant presence of spirituality in his works shall remain forever admired. An accomplished Painter, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Ad Guru, Teacher, Graphic Artist, Photographer and Writer, Singh was born in Palpa in 1955. Singh moved to Kathmandu at age 25 and enrolled himself as artist in Kathmandu.

Singh is one of the senior advisors of SCC.


Kiran Manandhar

Masters in Fine Arts from Benaras Hindu University (BHU) in Varanasi, India, in 1981 and at present he is a Chancellor of NAFA, National Association of Fine Art; he associates with the Artist Society of Nepal, Bombay Art Society, and Association des Arts Plastiques in France. Manandhar has held several exhibitions in Asia and many European countries.

He likes the works of William de Kooning, Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Emil Nolde, Lain Singh Bangdel and Chandra Man Maskey. http://www.fineartnepal.com/new/profile.php?uid=194


Rabin Nepali

Nepali Born in 1962. He wrote three illustrated storybooks for children namely Pasang Ra Chyangrachor, Gaida Truck, and Gajar ko Haluwa.

He belongs to a wide range of social organizations: working currently as Director of SOS-Jorpati.

He is one of the advisers of School of Creative Communications.


Sunil Pokharel

His impact on modern Nepali theatre is very remarkable. Ever since he started his career from 1978 even before he graduated from the National School of Drama (NSD) in 1987, As an actor, director, and organizer, he Aarohan Theatre Group in 2003. And started a drama school Gurukul. The centre has been the most happening theatre centre in Kathmandu.

His identity is his continuous theatre journey. For his continuous dedication in promoting Nepali theatre culture, Nepal Government has awarded him with National Talent Honor in 2006.

Since its establishments he has been one of the most frequent advisor of SCC.

Min Ratna Bajracharya

Min is one of the most prominent photographer and the pioneer of Documenrty photography in Nepal.

He clicked one of the most iconic photo during the Peoples movement in 1990. Portrait photography is his specialty in his photography career.

He is currently working with the Himal Media as a senior photojournalist, which publishes Nepali Times, Himal and wave.

Jeebesh Rayamajhi

He is a theatre enthusiast, is a graduate in literature and philosophy from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He currently works at Gurukul, a theatre centre in Kathmandu. An executive member of SCC.



Nagina Shrestha

She has been with SCC since its establishment and looks after the entire accounts of the administration.


Deependra Bajracharya

Experienced in mainstream media houses and switched to Social Awareness works in 2006, His works are featured with social activities and culture of peace. And also his work has appeared in National and Internationally acclaimed media.

He was awarded Jana Andolan Utkrista Fotopatrakar Purashkar in 2065 B.S. (for the best photography in People’s Movement 2006).

Bidhata K C

She born in lalitpur, graduated from Fine Arts Collage, TU in 2001. She has been exhibiting her paintings

since 1998 and participated at many Art workshops in Nepal, Bangladesh and South-korea.

She is a associated with the Artist Society of Nepal and Women Artist’ Group of Nepal (WAGON).
She was awarded by AranikoYuva Kala Puraskar 2066 BS.
She is co-coordinating all art activities in SCC, since it’s establishments.


Samjhana Rajbhandari

Nature lover Samjhana is one of the eminent artist of Nepal, who has exhibited her work several times.

Samjhana is a founder member of SCC and teaches art techniques in the classes.


 Pravin Manandhar

Manandhar began his career from 1999 in photography and turn to photojournalism. He established National Forum of Photo Journalists in Parsa. Also associated with Jaycees and Nepal hemophilia Society.

He is one of the founder members of School of Creative Communications.

Deepesh Bhandari

A young and dedicated person in the field of Management is looking after the account and legal documents of SCC since its establishment.


Aishu Mathema

A self taught photographer working as freelancer, have deep interest mainly in culture and heritage, also known as technical master in photography. He had not thought that his hobby of photography would turn into a profession when he bought his first camera (Nikon) in 1999.There has been no turning back for his

outstanding photography since.

He has also exhibited his works nationally and internationally.
More than a decade of experience in graphic designing, Mathema finds a close connection between design and discipline of photography.

He regularly looks after photography workshops in SCC.


Jitendra Raj Bajracharya

A graduate (diploma) in photojournalism from International Institute of Journalism Berlin-Brandenburg

e.V. / IIJB, German. He has a deep interest in people and landscapes.

He worked with some of today’s preeminent photographers, including Dr. Rudiger Claus and Peter May. His images have appeared in many journals and national and international.

Bajracharya has been coordinating photography classes in SCC from its establishments.

K P Parajuli

A dedicated person in promoting tourism in Nepal have look after the management and promotion of SCC since its establishment. http://nagarkothillside.com/

Pradeep Ratna Tuladhar

A software developer, committed towards photography and previous participants of the workshop in Photography in SCC.
Now he is handling all the programs organized by SCC.

Sagar Manandhar

Award winner one of most energetic and young Artist Manadhar had several exhibitions nationally and internationally.
In a sense his process, actions and images are quite natural, for we have seen many things in the world but have not given distinct shapes and names to them by our language and culture. He goes beyond the defined things and invents new ones.
He is looking after of The Beginning… an art workshop for school children in SCC.

Dhruba Ale

Ale spent years in training for photography and professional writing for journalism before joining Nepal Samachar Patra, a national daily news paper in 1990. He held several workshops and seminars for photojournalism in Nepal as well as in India. He currently working at The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post.

He also conducts classes for photojournalism in SCC.


Nirpadhoj Khadka

Khadka associated with Institute of Engineering ( IOE ), Pulchowk as associated professor. He mainly keeps deep interest in micro photography. He bagged the first prize in first WCN amateur photo competition in 2005. He has been practicing Photography since two decades.



Narayan Maharjan

Everyone have a dream, Narayan dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, he chased it hard……

Maharjan is a devoted photographer, the word devoted suits him well forever. The energy and the work ethics, he bears is unmatched.

Sometimes he visualize himself as the kid bugging his elders to handover him the camera, so that he can click like them, however, his plead used to be denied, reason?, those fragile hands are not mature enough to hold camera. Nevertheless, he was reluctant. Such was his tenacity, and his stubbornness paid him.

It is different now. After his successful solo exhibition “ Homage to Adinath” in Chovar, his hometown, he is transformed as  an emerging photographer. He even  baged prizes from the “The Kathmandu Post photo contest” and different other photo contest.

His first encounter with instructors of SCC was during the Asan Assignment. Since, there was no turning back, he shares his photographic experience with aspiring participants of SCC. His idealizes SCC’s instructors as his role model.

Sajani Manadhar

By Profession a nursing instructor keens interest in photography. Also active in social awareness and associated with RICHA BAJIMAYA FOUNDATION. Who always fly in her own dreams and has potential to achieve those dreams.
One of the helping hands of SCC since she participated in Photography Workshop in 2011.


Prabindra Lal Singh

A graduate from Cambridge University, UK, highly interested in creativity including photography and writing. Nurturing dreams of his field and dares to achieve and believes hard works is the key to achieve his mission.

Singh writes and drafts the projects of SCC, since he participated in Photography Workshop in 2011.


Suman Shrestha

Professionally a web and graphic designer, who wants to get more knowledge on Photography, came as participant of Photography Workshop in SCC. He is the Creative Director and Founder of Moksha Design Studio.

He is looking after all the designing of web and program promo materials of SCC.

Prabesh Maharjan

Master in Business Administration from Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM), with bachelor in Civil Engineering. Currently working in Butwal Power Company as financial analyst. His involvement is in corporate and project finance of hydropower to support investment decisions and business growth planning. Also dedicated in photography who came SCC as participant in Workshop 18, since he actively considerate scc projects. He is one of the coordinator of PHOTO YATRA Kirtipur in 2012, a very success project of SCC. Besides, he enjoys in travelling.

He also associates with http://richafoundation.org.np/

Dawa Lama Tamang

Tamang is the founder of Travel Times Treks. He started his career as an English teacher combined with jobs as mountain guide throughout all Nepal. Experienced expert in tours and treks in the field of adventure travel, mountaineering and management. He joins SCC as participants of Photography Workshop 26. Suddenly he associated with SCC Team member as tour partner for Travel Photography in Nepal.

More can be found in http://www.traveltimes.com.np/dawa_lama_tamang.php/

Siddhartha Pant

Siddhartha Pant is majoring in Business Administration in TU. He likes every form of creativity and gets inspired from book, exhibition, and films/documentaries to traveling or even writing any corner of page. He dare to day dream writing with remarkable depth, composure and startling originality. Belong from far west; He joined SCC because he believes in SCC as the pilgrimage where he wishes to combine element of wisdom, personal reflection and harmony in his writing and photography.

Abishek Shrestha

Abishek Shrestha, a freelance photographer, is also a participant of SCC Photography workshop 11. Shrestha has a passion for political and cultural photographs and has already travelled various places capturing cultural diversity. His interests also include travelling and adventure. He has established his career as a photographer.
In addition to being a photographer, he has a full time assistance in SCC. Reach him at abhishek_shrestha100@hotmail.com/

Sushila Singh

Sushila singh is prominent artist known for her debut appearance with the entire series rendered in Pen And Ink medium and depicting mainly architectural content as the central content.

Patan, a city where she born, which is known for its architectural feast; had a constructive influence over her.   With such talent she adds another gem to a city which is well noted for its gorgeous craftsmen metal workers and superb artists.  Patient in Photography and she connected SCC as participants later she is running Art classes.

Being an innovative sprit, she desires to pioneer a technique of her own.

Hemanta Kumar Shrestha

Hemanta belongs from Kanyam, illam.  Beautiful Landscape of Ilam had mesmerized him from his

early childhood.  After, coming at Kathmandu he realized his dream of capturing landscape, as a participant at SCC.  As a frequent visitor, he enjoys his time at SCC, where he updates himself with the knowledge of photography. After many years, of familiarity he finds himself attached with SCC.

He believes that he is turning into a better photographer, and credits his success to the shrewd instructors of SCC. Speaking about his hobbies, he thinks that travel photography rejuvenates him and ignites his creativity.

Aajay Karmacharya

Aajay Karmacharya is a businessperson, turned photographer.  Also established as a event photographer  who works for Cell Roti, a Music related web portal and ECS Media as a staff . Aajay, an avid nature lover recalls how the photographs of his journey, compelled him to associate himself with SCC to exploit his photographic potential.   He finds himself as the member of SCC Family since SCC Photography Workshop as participants. He is available for any kind of photography.

Sanjeev Maharjan

Sanjeev Maharjan is an enthusiastic individual who wishes to establish his own signature style . His hobbies include modeling , journalism , and observing creative works. Self believe is the key to success for him, and he is working hard to fulfill his goals.Driven by the urge, for greater understanding of technical aspect of photography he found himself inside premises of SCC as a workshop participant. today he is happy to be part of SCC family.

He is currently associated with Nepali vernacular tabloids news and carries several professional assignments. He is available for any kind of photography.