Photography Exhibition

Photokipa 2012
April 13-15, 2012

The exhibition was an immense success with more than hundred thousand visitors. More than ten thousand visitors looked at the photographs thoroughly and asked about the photographers and organization. Twenty photographers were volunteering who were busy in sharing their photography experience.

The exhibition displayed 100 photographs by SCC students. The photographs were taken during SCC photography workshops, assignments,field work and Photo-Yatra, an excursion organized by SCC. Besides exhibition we conducted seminar on 13, 14 and 15 of April, 2012. We would like to congratulate all participants of the exhibition. Without whose support, this event wouldn’t have come to fruition.

We are grateful to CANON, Delighting you always, The Batch XXII, Manoj Karki, Neem B Darlami, Complicated Kaku , Sarlahi Sangi, Narayan Maharjan, Pradip Ratna Tuladhar, Abishek Shrestha, Prabin Lal Singh, Kapil Raj Khadgee, Aarati Aanad, Suman Shrestha and Moksha Team, Ajaya Karmacharya, Sanjeev Maharjan, Photokipa and all visitors.

Photography and Digital Imaging Expo

With the introduction of photography in the year 1850 A.D., Nepal has seen vigorous development with 1400 studios across the valley, 15 photography manufacturing firms, and 15 individual studios 100 of dealers and retailers and there are thousands of professionals working in the field of photography as photo journalist, photographers and freelancers.

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Photography Exhibition
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