Photowalk:PhotoYatra is our “exclusive project but inclusive in nature”. Exclusive because it is the never-ending nationwide Yatra, i.e. travels in different ancient and historic places and Inclusive because participants belong to diverse background.  It acts as melting pot for all photo practitioners who seek redemption in photography

Nepal is the greatest mosaic; proved by national and international scholars, historians, photographers, dignitaries, politicians, mahatmas, writers, painters, journalist, bloggers and public. Mosaic for truth, lies, ideologies, believes superstitions, culture, emotions, color, opinions, desire, perspectives, idea, science, stories, compositions, grief, violence, ambitions, shooters, backgrounds, styles, passions, etc.

PhotoYatra is different journey back to our roots. It is conducted in every 6 months. Regarded as the gateway for the rich photographic potential, photo Yatra have many things to prove. Such as:

i.   How the language of art eradicates the demarcation.

ii.  How an event can transform itself into a melting pot for bringing different people.

iii. How such event emulates the feeling of co ordination and co-operations.

iv. Why this event labeled itself as an initiative for addressing the desire who seeks redemption in photography?

Photoyatra-I, began from the elegant and artistic city of Bhaktapur. Our journey was accompanied by 50 photographers belonging to various professions and background. Everyone enjoyed the tour and produced beautiful photo frames reflecting creativity.

Selected photographs were letter exhibited at photokipa April 13-15, 2012, Bhirkutimandap.  The exhibition displayed 100 photographs by SCC students. More than ten thousand visitors looked at the photographs thoroughly and asked about the photographers and organization.

 Photoyatra-II, After being successful in capturing various fragment of time and frames of creativity inside the legendry city of Bhaktapur, photoyatra. We have come together for second time at Kirtipur to exploit the photographic potential of ancient cities renowned for their heritage, tradition.

We visited in Kirtipur with 70 SCC graduates in photography.  Located at 5 km south-west of the Kathmandu kirtipur is an ancient city, and it is one of the five municipalities of the Kathmandu Valley. Despite close proximity, this place is less visited as compared to bhaktapur and Patan, lalitpur. Its remarkable but little-visited temples point to a golden age that has long passed. Kirtipur, due to its rich historical legacy and cultural significance is Shangri-La for enthusiastic photo practitioners because it offers numerous themes that can be captured and interpreted in distinct manner.

We are goining to exhibit the selected photographs of kirtipur very soon. Photo exhibitions acts as a manifestation of a journey that speaks about a multifaceted experience in a subtle narration. Therefore, our images will carry our success stories, and poignant tales of collectivity, plurality, and secularity, along with strong integrity.