Get Involved

SCC is calling for “Membership” for connecting with each participant


Step-I   Compliance with the Code of Practice and the Code of Ethics of SCC.

Step-II  You need to fill the form and declare that provided information are true and authentic from your side.

Step-III   You need to submit recent passport size photo, for record purpose.

Step-IV   You need to actively participate in the SCC’s activities.

Step-V     An interest in or commitment to promoting, encouraging or assisting wellbeing through creative work, suggestions, and volunteer work.

Step-VI  Pay RS 100 / year for membership affiliation.

Step-VII  Get membership card.



SCC wishes to develop its family through your mutual endeavor. But it is a dream that cannot materialize without yours hands. Let’s come together from diversity for a common purpose to unite and together we will harness the strength of our bond to find what we can achieve in our future journey.

Note: Membership card holders will enjoy exclusive discount benefits at certain outlets. Please check membership form for detailed information. Down Load Membership Form

SCC is collecting Vintage Cameras.
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