Life is full of mystery

Rojita Buddacharya

We may have planned so many things, tried to get ourselves into particular schedules and for efficient and effective output yes it’s very true we should have make our head clear about what next? We should move our each step according to the time we have planned about. But sometimes within the plans or daily routine if something hot spices are added the whole time being in particular schedules will just become an awesome moment ever and it turns out into the best part of life forever. And that is exactly what happened in “TOWN WALK” regarding to my personal experience. As the name suggests “TOWN WALK” a workshop on radio feature production, twelve days long the workshop jointly organized by International Institute of Journalism Berlin-Brandenburg-IIJB, Germany and School of Creative Communication-SCC, Nepal made us walk throughout our home towns, expand our vision, explore the beauties, pros and cons behind what we were intending to do and finally made us able to put all our efforts into a single feature, the most wow thing in the entire sessions.

Actually the journey of “TOWN WALK” is absolutely encouraging for me. The first day my brother Deependra Bajracharya called me out to School of Creative Communication, I was totally surprised. I didn’t know why he called that day. But the time I came to know about I was being selected for the workshop I just forgot everything even the heavy rain I was through, on the way to SCC. In spite of that curiosity arising inside my brain and happiness in my heart, I was worried about the approval of holidays by my boss in the office. On that time we were about to publish annual magazine and science exhibition was on our head in the office, due to which having a long leave was very difficult so what I did! I just picked up a calendar, marked all public holidays and the days of broadcasting our regular television show “Today’s Science” which showed I had seven days total to take leave from the office. Then I straight headed to Executive Director’s cabin and showing the calendar and Schedule of the workshop that I got through email, I tried to convince him about the importance of workshop for the television show we are doing. And surprisingly he permitted immediately on the condition that I had to complete all the duties before which were not big deals to me. Coming to this point, I got to know,”The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”.

And around 1 month later the time I was informed, on September 7, 2013 the workshop started in SCC, Kupondol. The first day was ok type for me. Arrangement of desks, food, cosy and friendly environement, being tested differently, fun loving nature of our 16 participating friends from different media houses and the smiles on everyone’s face were absolutely strong to drag our full attention towards the entire sessions. It made us feel like we were in our home. But the way introduction part introduced was boring to me. I felt it could be more creative with some interesting games so that we could feel comfort between our friends. And other parts were good. Personally I felt the classes, had been taken together by Angelika Schulze from IJJB and Pramila Manandhar from Radio Sagarmatha were more effective than the classes that were conducted individually. You won’t appreciate it but being honest the second day was almost boring and monotonous to us, everyone felt very sleepy even I couldn’t control my mind from being distracted. Starting from the third day learning with fun time began. I didn’t remember any other boring day we spent together since. Each and every day we got something new to share, learn and use it practically. Everything we were told about was demonstrated with examples and practices. Listening to different types of features, voxpop, interviews, working together in group, sharing ideas and evaluating ourselves were very creative. Every theoretical aspect we were taught was based on practices and it was different from reading some kind of notes. Coming to this extent I was able to feel practically, “Replace Fear of The Unknown with Curiosity” because curiosity is the most powerful thing we own.

With some hustling and bustling, finally on the fourth day we all were divided into five groups in total to do our research separately for the production of radio feature, the main target. Group C was ours and Rajendra Shakya from Ujjyalo fm, Rasmi Napit from Newa fm and me were in group C. All three R’s in a platform itself were astonishing. We did our research in “The Rebuilding of Bhaidegah Temple”, the temple situated at Patan Darbar Square. The concept was proposed by Rajendra dai as he was familiar with the topic which was completely new to other two. The first thing that attracted me about Bhai Dega was its name and the personality of the person behind Bhai Dega. During our research I was even shocked when I came to know that the person named ‘Vagirath Bhaiya’ was a democratic personality though he was a prime minister during the regime of Shree Niwas Malla. He was the one who built the temple around 335 years ago even though he was just an ordinary citizen and the second thing was the Rebuilding process itself. Generally monuments were renovated which may not sound as a big deal to many of us but Bhai Dega is going to be rebuilt by in such a way that it will be three storied in Pegoda Style as it was in the time of Vagirath Bhaiya, that means we could observe history alive and we would be living evidence of Bhai Dega after its reconstruction. Like we produced our radio feature on “The Rebuilding of Bhaidegah Temple”, other group produced radio feature on Dharahara, Krishna Galli, Lagankhel, ritual of offering human flesh in Subahal-patan. Finally Angelika mam, Pramila sis and Saroj Kafle from radio Sagarmatha helped us in polishing our productions. They guided us in each and every step from day 1 to final ceremony. And at the end, the whole session was a success with a promise of using everything what we have learnt and practiced in our best in our working place too. Coming to this extent I became very close to the point, “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning”

And in this whole time, everything was a surprise to me, participating in the “TOWN WALK”, none of us having experience of producing radio feature, creating funny moments, planning for token of love for our trainers, walking whole day in Nepal Banda during the training………………………………….every single moment! The serious deal is that all the participants do not have produced a single radio feature even for once, they even don’t know about the feature. This reflects the condition of our media houses and necessity of such kind of trainings in some points. That’s why such kind of training is a must done job to make every professional efficient and updated otherwise we would just be same as political leaders so called acting differently but repeating the act every time and in real neither they act differently nor the act is different and definitely no one would like to spend their working life in that way.

My grandpa used to tell me, thinking is the best way to travel around the entire universe and now I have found that traveling is the best way to have a canvas, colors to manipulate your ideas and every single moment, every single laugh could be a charismatic surprise and who knows that could bring a huge twist and turns in life. That’s why our life is full of mystery. And it was a huge opportunity for me to be a part of this workshop in this mysterious journey of life. So massive massive thank you to everyone related to this workshop “A TOWN WALK with ANGELIKA”

Buddacharya is a former Radio Jockey at Mairi FM. She is a presenter on Nepal Television. She is also involved in Theater Village as a theater artist. She contributed herself to the every program of SCC as an MC. She is a first batch student of workshop on Radio feature production.

Life is full of mystery

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