Eventography is the special method of documenting the photography and videography of an any event. As we many of us are known that the world is changing fast due to the photography and Videography. It lets us to capture and record the amazing moments that might only last for a millisecond. Whether it is a picture of a beloved one who has died or a picture of your own birthday it takes you back in the history.

SCC takes pleasure to initiate this innovative project coordinated by the Senior photographer Amar Shrestha. The photographer Pratap Thap and Hemant Shrestha will assist him.

More than ever we are doing a exclusive family photographs coming into your own residence.

The renowned people and institution whose photographs are already taken in the initial phase are:

Abhi Sudedi, PhD, Professor
Sunil Pokharel, Senior theator artist
Jagadish Ghimire, Eminent Nepali writer
ICT Assoications
Link Innovation Pvt. Ltd