Congregation for greeting exchange

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Text: Suranjan Koirala/SCC

Photo: Hemanta Shrestha/SCC

Art, literature and music these were the attraction at the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts on October 5, Ghatasthapana. Singer Nhyoo Bajracharya overflow his beautiful songs in the same occurrence Kiran manandhar an eminent artist were busy in making canvas colorful. Later on Jana Kavi Durgalal Shrestha recite a poem ‘Magante’ which was full of political satire. The program ‘Nepalis for Nepal’ organized by Information Communication and Technology Association of Nepal with the support of School of Creative Communication brought to gather the art, literature and music on the occasion of Dashain.

The program was focused oHemanta Shrestha_DSC0009n connecting people, as well as for the upcoming constituent assembly polls through the message of positivity.The kite flying was the part of the event though due to the bad weather the kite flying only became an expression. The program also reminds an importance of Dashain, culture and tradition as well as kites. Another attraction of the program was the kite made up of Nepali paper by the Nepali. The Creative director of SCC Deependra Bajracharya informed that “We were going to fly 50 kites made by Nepali people from Nepali paper as an initiation to preserve the tradition of kite making in Nepal. But we could not do it due to the bad weather.  According to the Sishir Upadhya, President of ICT Association of Nepal this event was organized to exchange the greeting of Dashain with people from different professions on one platform and to continue the tradition of Dashain.

Kiran Manandhar makes a three canvas full of color with positive symbols. The painting was immediately exhibited in the program. Manandhar was also busy with children’s in the meantime for coloring in canvas. The program became very much striking while the singer Nhyoo Bajracharya sings the songs of Fatteman and makes scene nostalgic. He mostly sings the songs written by the poet Durgalal Shrestha. The event was formally finished after offering the tika from Shrestha and Manandhar.

Suranjan is a student of journalism. He is starting his working career from SCC. He is also a member of Leo Club of International. 

Congregation for greeting exchange

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